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News 2017

Jorge Rodríguez Grossi appointed at Ministry of Economics

Subgerencia de Comunicaciones

Santiago, Aug 31, 2017. 02:00

The President of the Republic, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, appointed the Chairman of BancoEstado in that position, a post he assumed immediately. The current vice chairman of the financial entity, Mr. Enrique Marshall, will take on the post of acting chairman.

This morning, the President of the Republic, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, appointed Mr. Jorge Rodríguez Grossi as new Minister of Economy, which constitutes another important challenge in his extensive professional career.

Appointed Chairman of the bank on October 1, 2015, he headed with Mr. Enrique Marshall and Ms. Jessica López the leadership of BancoEstado. During this period he stood out for his professional capacity and commitment to lead BancoEstado's strategic development process towards 2018.

This appointment represents not only a recognition of his professional career and personal qualities, but also the significant contribution BancoEstado makes to the development of the country. This task will continue to be paramount and will guide the Bank's management to continue implementing initiatives that expand the opportunities focused on more people having access to a better quality of life.

The BancoEstado Corporation thanks Mr. Jorge Rodríguez Grossi for his professionalism, dedication, human quality and close relationships with the company's employees and executives, and wishes him success in the new State responsibilities he is taking on today.

According to the Organic Law of Bank DL 2,079, our current Vice Chairman Mr. Enrique Marshall Rivera will take over as acting chairman, until the President of the Republic appoints a new chairman.