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News 2018

Government appoints new General Counsel of BancoEstado

Santiago, Sep 11, 2018. 17:30

General Counsel Isabel Cabello will assume the position starting on October 1st at the State’s financial entity.


The President of the Republic, Mr. Sebastián Piñera, jointly with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Felipe Larraín, appointed Isabel Margarita Cabello Silva as the new General Counsel of BancoEstado.

Ms. Cabello has a law degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica and a Master of Arts in Business Law from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, as well as a Diploma in Corporate Governance.

She holds an extensive experience in banking legislation, insurance, securities, corporate governance and financial industry.

Until the end of August this year, she held the position of Manager of Legal Affairs and Governance at Banco Falabella. Previously, she worked for 8 years at BancoEstado as chief lawyer of the Corporate and Finance Group, as well as a board director of BancoEstado’s Broker Dealer subsidiary.

According to the provisions, the new general counsel will assume her functions on October 1.